Code of Ethics


I do hereby commit myself to the highest ethical and professional conduct and agree:

1. to accept responsibility in making business decisions consistent with the safety and welfare of the public, and to disclose promptly factors that might endanger the public;

2. to avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest whenever possible, and to disclose them to affected parties when they do exist;

3. to be honest and realistic in stating claims or estimates based on available data;

4. to reject bribery in all of its forms;

5. to inform the client of the level of fitness and suitability of the product for his or her own purposes;

6. to seek, accept, and offer honest criticism of business work, to acknowledge and correct errors, and to credit properly the contributions of others;

7. to assist colleagues and co-workers of each member in their professional development and to support them in following this code of ethics.


Code of ethics – EN version