GPA Innovation

The RDCL Innovation GPA is in charge of promoting and establishing links between successful and innovative start-ups on one hand, and RDCL members, particularly SMEs, on the other, who wish to learn from the Lebanon start-up ecosystem to improve their operations and pivot their business model. At the same time, early-stage companies can learn and benefit from RDCL members in terms of mentoring, business model validation and fundraising. So the purpose of the Innovation GPA is to get both worlds closer to the mutual benefit of all. The GPA is headed by Raja Abdallah (Eng., MBAm CFA), senior business consultant and financial advisor who spends a lot of time coaching, mentoring and advising start-ups and entrepreneurs and knows the Lebanon and MENA ecosystem very well.

Head of GPA: Mr. Raja Abdallah

GPA Culture and Tourism

The RDCL Tourism GPA Taskforce aims to develop a vision and broad strategies for the development of Tourism in Lebanon , from the point-of-view of the private sector. Objective is to lobby for this proposal at the public level to secure the proper legal reform framework . Moreover the current disorderly situation needs regulatory body(ies). We will also hold decision-makers accountable for proper follow-up.
Some of the concerned Tourism syndicates have started to share input upon our solicitation.  A first draft of the proposal should become available by late June.

Head of GPA: Mr. Joe Boulos

GPA Health care and social safety nets

GPA Healthcare’s objective is to support the recovery of the Lebanese Healthcare System, ensuring that Lebanon gains back its leading role as a medical center of excellence, In addition to Ensuring that all Lebanese can access quality care without enduring financial hardship.

Head of GPA: Mr. Rolland Salloum

GPA Trade Agreements and bilateral relations

Head of GPA: Mr. Ricardo Hosari

GPA Trade facilitation & Customs reforms

The Objective of this document is to facilitate a fair and legitimate trade in Lebanon, while protecting the interests of both public and private sectors. Our aim is to implement the necessary reforms that will grow the economy and ensure a smooth and transparent flow of goods in Lebanon.

Head of GPA: Mr. Elie Kachouh

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