Special excursion to Chateau Musar Lebanon Winery

Special excursion to Chateau Musar Lebanon Winery

February 12, 2024

In the framework of a special initiative aiming to enhance interaction among its members, RDCL started a series of visits with a special excursion to chateaumusarlebanon winery.

RDCL visiting members were welcomed by Mr. Gaston Hochar, a member of RDCL himself and General Manager of Château Musar. They had the privilege of being introduced to the rich heritage of Château Musar. Mr. Hochar guided his guests through the history of Château Musar and the intricate process of winemaking from vine to cellar. Visiting members were also invited to a refined wine tasting, which they enjoyed amidst convivial company.

This first visit to Château Musar, to be followed by regular others to RDCL members at their premises, in the aim of shedding light on Lebanese know-how and the force of exporting to the whole world. It is worth mentioning that Musar was the very first Lebanese winery to export its products to the world back in 1978. Established in 1930 and led today by third-generation RDCL member Mr. Gaston Hochar, it is known for having gained international acclaim for its resilience during Lebanon’s history, consistently producing and exporting wine of exceptional quality despite challenges.

Here’s a recap video of the tour:

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