Forward Mena

Forward Mena

December 22, 2022

RDCL and Forward Mena signed a memorandum of understanding on Dec. 21, 2022 at RDCL headquarters in Beirut.

On this occasion, Mr. Nicolas Boukather stated: “The privatesector is aspiring for a new productive economy that outsources to the region. In that sense, and with Forward MENA, we shall inspire the young generation.” He also mentioned “the importance of addressing urgently, together with Forward MENA and other partners, the latest state budget and ministerial decisions which are completely counterproductive, and push young talents to leave lebanon rather than encouraging them to stay!”.

From his end, Mr. Mouhamad Rabah said: “Forward MENA aims to upskill and reskill the youth in Lebanon to be able to fulfill the jobs of today and tomorrow. It aims to transform Lebanon into a premium outsourcing hub, and this is why we decided to collaborate with RDCL, to be linked to the private sector, and to find ways to empower it to thrive”.

Both parties exchanged ideas and opinions related to sensitive topics that should be tackled, and unanimously agreed to join forces in order to preserve, build, and take the right decisions to strengthen entrepreneurship in Lebanon. In addition, both parties agreed to look together into ways of saving the private sector that is currently facing many severe and serious hardships. Finally, both parties highlighted the importance of education in Lebanon, as it is considered a priority and a main asset for Lebanon’s economy, alongside young talents.

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