Dr. Joyce Azzam

Dr. Joyce Azzam

January 19, 2023

RDCL signs a Memorandum of Understanding with Dr. Joyce Azzam

RDCL signed a memorandum of understanding with Lebanese athlete and first woman to complete the 7 summits challenge Dr. Joyce Azzam.

This MOU aims to establish and promote a cooperative partnership between RDCL and Dr. Azzam, by jointly using their resources in order to achieve impacts that could not be achieved individually. RDCL and Dr. Azzam will particularly join forces during the “Pole to Pole” expedition that will be taking place till November 2023, allowing Dr. Azzam to effectively complete the Full Explorers Grand Slam as the first Lebanese woman, the first Arab woman, and the second woman worldwide.

Through this agreement, RDCL and Dr. Azzam aim to send a positive message to the Lebanese people mainly stating that, despite the tremendously difficult circumstances Lebanon is passing through, Lebanese should never stop dreaming and chasing their goals, and Lebanon must keep shining through sports and different activities globally and making remarkable achievements.

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