Cybercrime, is your company protected?

Cybercrime, is your company protected?

March 5, 2024

RDCL organized a roundtable titled “Cybercrime, is your company protected?,” addressing the increased cybercrime risks in all sectors. The event, moderated by cybersecurity expert and RDCL Member Mr. Charbel Tawil, was held on March 4, at ESA campus and was attended by RDCL members and non-members, business leaders, entrepreneurs, and cybersecurity experts.

Mr. kamal.abifadel , RDCL General Manager, made the opening remarks emphasizing the critical importance of cybersecurity and the potential risks it poses to the Legal Private Sector.

Mr. Tawil then discussed the evolving cybersecurity landscape, stressing the need for tailored solutions to counter advanced hacking techniques. He highlighted recent cyber threats and how dangerous cybercrime syndicates such as Ransomware-as-a-Service operations leverage AI.

Mr. Tawil also stressed that mitigating these threats requires strong cybersecurity measures, regular audits, employees’ awareness, and an effective incident response plans. He also outlined the challenges faced by companies, and the importance of integrating cybersecurity into business strategy.

Highlighting the consequences of non-compliance, Mr. Tawil emphasized the importance of GDPR compliance. He also cited recent high-profile hacking incidents.

During the event, Mrs. salma.mbyd , COO of The Net Global and Mrs. raniaotayek , IT Manager at Notre Dame des Secours shared their experiences where their companies got hacked.
Mr. Fateh Bekdache, Chairman and General Manager at Arope Insurance also promoted the importance of the Cyber Insurance.

Finally, Mr. Tawil underscored the need for CEOs to prioritize cybersecurity concerns and to align cybersecurity strategy with business strategy.

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