Bridging the Gaps: Lebanon’s healthcare System and Social Safety Net

September 14, 2022
RDCL, with the support of USAID’s Trade and Investment Facilitation (TIF) project, organized a round table and discussion entitled “Bridging the Gaps: Lebanon’s healthcare System and Social Safety Net” on September 12, 2022 at the Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand, Sin El Fil. The event was the first of many to be held under the RDCL’s partnership with TIF in the upcoming months, to tackle some of the most important issues and challenges that the Lebanese private sector currently faces such as Tourism, Trade Facilities, Energy, Agriculture and Food Security, Banking and Financial sector, Innovation, and others. The event started by a welcome note by TIF project’s Chief of Party Mr. Mark Rostal. From his end, Mr. Nicolas Boukather, President of RDCL, made the opening remarks, where he introduced to the audience ASPIRE “Together Lebanon” Program (Actionable, Sustainable, Productive, Innovative, Responsible, Ethical) in partnership with the Economic organizations, and stressed on the importance of participation of all the components of the Lebanese private sector in the revival of the country. He also advocated for the necessary reforms, the transformation of the mindset of businesses, the creation of the new economic leaders of tomorrow, and unity of the private sector around clear values, vision and National Economical Document, hence reinforcing the private sector as a pillar of nation building. Moreover, he explained that ASPIRE covers more than twenty vital sectors of the Lebanese economy, while also underlying the absolute importance of the financial recovery plan and the necessity of concluding a deal with IMF to signal the return of trust and confidence in the Lebanese economy. From his end, Mr. Roland Salloum, Head of the RDCL Health GPA (Group for Proposition and Action) proposed the short term recommendations that RDCL put in place regarding the Lebanese healthcare System and Social Safety Net, indicating that the RDCL will be pursuing its efforts with all partners to complete policy brief and paper on the matter. Mrs. Roula Gharios Zahar, RDCL Board member and General Manager of Mount Lebanon Hospital, pronounced the long-term recommendations proposed by RDCL to correct the situation of the health sector. The conference was also marked by the intervention of Mr. Elie Nasnas, President of the Lebanese Insurance Association (ACAL), who tackled Lebanon’s potential for universal health care coverage. After the presentations, Dr. Sami Nader, RDCL lead technical expert and the BIEE Technical Lead in the partnership with TIF, moderated the discussion that followed. The round table was marked by the presence of representatives from USAID Lebanon, numerous RDCL members and key actors from the Lebanese private sector including hospitals, medical doctors, insurance companies, as well as representatives of the Lebanese importers of both medical equipments and pharmaceutical companies, in addition to the president of Lebanese syndicate of private hospitals, local pharmaceutical producers, distributors, representative of foundation and a selection of Lebanese scholars of various leading Lebanese universities. It was finally agreed on aligning the private sector on a national vision in view of a collaboration with public sector stakeholders and relevant authorities.
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