Yellow Star

Welcome to the Lebanese Businessmen Association

Established in 1986, the “Lebanese Businessmen Association” (RDCL) counts today numerous members selectively co-opted, belonging to the different sectors of activities and from all the regions of Lebanon.

RDCL is an association of Lebanese businessmen and women united by a common vision of the Lebanese economy. The basis of this vision is to safeguard the economic liberalism, which consists of :

  • Private property
  • Individual liberty
  • Equal opportunity for all
  • Individual initiative
  • Free enterprise

RDCL is run by an Administration Board, composed of 12 Members elected by the General Assembly for 4 years (election take place every two years for half of the Board seats). The Board Members elect from his 12 Members the Office Members: the President, the Vice-President, the Treasurer, the Secretary General, and designates a Director General.

The aim of RDCL is to give Lebanese businessmen and women the role of elaborating the national political economy. This role allows the RDCL to defend and promote the liberal economy where:

    Fair competition leads to growth and development. The state intervention in the economy is limited Social peace and stability are prevalent Each individual has the possibility to utilize all his potential and means.

All along the years, RDCL has proved its institutional role, imposing itself in the public life, and economic instances as a credible party, necessary to the balance of the socio-economic activity. Highly reputed of “Think tank” among Lebanese business places, RDCL stresses a systematic policy of lobbying to ensure the proper implementation of its ideas. An important number of RDCL members have been elected Board Members of the Beirut Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, of the Lebanese Industrialists Association, the National Social Security Fund, the Beirut Stock Exchange, the Bankers Association, the Insurance Companies Association in Lebanon, and of a number of other professional Associations.

Gatherer by its mission, promoter of a global political economy, coherent and essentially based on the inducement to achieve a balanced distribution of the national wealth, RDCL contributes in orienting, and inspiring the public sector action, by taking clear positions in press releases, publications, public debates, conferences and seminars, to be used in different macro-economic fields.

It is worth noting the intervention of RDCL in wage policy, rent law, fiscal policies, retirement plan Law (that was initiated by RDCL in 1987), the publication of the “white books” on the Lebanese Economy, Social Policies and Private Enterprises.

The RDCL directs its action on:

* The internal level where it calls to the active participation of all the members of the working groups called “Groups of Propositions and Action- GPA”, to transmit its ideas and defend its convictions.

* The external level by being present in all negotiations between the Business Associations and the Government and within the Parliamentary Commissions to support the liberal system that runs the economy and defend the interests of private enterprises.

In addition to its leadership role on the socio-economic scene, RDCL favors business managers’ continuous education and companies’ modernization. Organizing regular conferences and development programs allow its members and their managerial staff to keep their information and knowledge in various fields up to date.

The multi sector-based conception and philosophy of RDCL must continue in order to safeguard and consolidate the social ties, the free enterprise and employers’ solidarity.

More than any other employer’s association, RDCL shows specificity that has always insured the means for its action of freethinking, beyond any constraints.